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Gtmedia G1 problem

Post by dgitan » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:14 pm

Since yesterday I have a problem with my GT1.
The system freeze during the boot with the logo GTmedia by freesat.

I try to hard reset with wipping data, without success.

Is it possible to obtain the img firmware to reload my box ?


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Re: Gtmedia G1 problem

Post by madridchema » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:48 pm

Muchos usuarios hemos recibido aparatos del modelo Freesat GTC por parte de los vendedores. Que han arrancado siempre en modo test, nos hemos visto obligados a rootear y quitar dicho modo editando cierto fichero.
Hemos perdido muchas horas con un problema ajeno a nosotros y que deja mal a su marca. Después de la última actualización muchos aparatos se han quedado inutilizados.
Creo que lo mínimo que pueden hacer ustedes es publicar ya, la imagen para restaurar el aparato por usb.
Mi tiempo perdido vale más que varios aparatos y ya lo unico que queda aquí es enfado y fustración.

Many users have received devices of the Freesat GTC model from sellers. They have always started in test mode, we have been forced to root and remove this mode by editing a certain file.
We have lost many hours with a problem that is alien to us and that leaves your brand bad. After the last update many devices have become unusable.
I think the least you can do is publish, the image to restore the device for usb.
My lost time is worth more than several devices and now the only thing left here is anger and frustration.
Thank you.

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