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Post by WAMAN »

This may be in wrong place, if so, mods pleaase move

Request: I'm liking these Gt_Media receivers, if You own more than one
and Have them in close proximity the remotes interfere with each other.
Can we get a remote code for each model to enjoy multiple receivers, without powering one off
or having to block the IR. Not sure it can be done, hopefully take into consideraation for the future.

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Re: Request

Post by STRETCH »

Why not just make a (L Shape) card, put black tape around it, to cover one of the receivers, while using the other.
Then move over to the other receiver, if you want to use the other receiver.


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Re: Request

Post by Feralkiwi »

Like STRETCH says, cover the one you are not using.
A thing I do is face the units away from each other, one facing left, one facing right.
I then bounce the remote of the left or right wall to control each unit.
A card part covering the IR sensor could also help with this.

GT Media have made some move to address this. The new GT Media Combo has a paired Bluetooth remote.
I have found that some of the older units, Freesat days, do not respond to the newer remotes, but the newer unit still respond to the old remotes. There was a time when the V8's would not respond to the V7 remote, but they changed that.

Change log: V8UHD
1. Solve the problem of bit error rate program playback
2. Support V7 remote control

Change log: V8 Pro2
1.Add V7 remote control
alex.c did ask about this issue here.
There was another discussion here as well.
The reply was:
alex.c wrote:
Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:16 am
Yes, you are really a super satellite enthusiasts.
There are many problems about changing the "user code" in box,
but I think it will work.
Yes it is an issue. At present only solution is to cover one box.

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