Forever, xxx server

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Forever, xxx server

Post by swapan02 »

Dear admin,moderator,software and hardware engnieer,
With due respect please can you give us an option to use forever server pro, in gt media combo receiver?
Then it willbe the greatest receiver in the world .
I know you dont prefere to do that, just place option, to buy and activate, not built in for free.

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Re: Forever, xxx server

Post by egydoctor2010 »

i also support your request
at least add option for those who want to add

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Re: Forever, xxx server

Post by cpr43 »

It has being mentioned several times before that GTMedia will not support Gshare or Forever

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Re: Forever, xxx server

Post by cbandna »

Dears, can you include following features (personally interested in IPTV and satip) with all equipment including older V7 ?
It would really help including old unsupported equipment not become doorstops. Product obsolescence by design is not a good idea one of the reasons not going to buy new equipment and stick to opensource.

Similar product based on Montage 8051. Bootloader is identical. The main issue I have is time but if nothing is getting done will start finding method of unpacking firmware.


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