GTMEDIA_G5 software DIY version (16/09/2020)

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GTMEDIA_G5 software DIY version (16/09/2020)

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GTMEDIA_G5 software DIY version (16/09/2020)
Note: This version is a DIY version. OTA service will no longer be provided after the upgrade.
Machines in this range can experience G5X24C200500511-G5X24C200501700, download the firmware
Experience version features:
1. System root test method
1). The root status of the system can be checked by using Root Checker software
2). Using RootExplorer file manager, you can read and write system and other directories

2. USB ADB test method:
1). Enter Settings--Device Preferences--About--Build, and press the confirm key 7 times on the Build option to enter the developer mode.
2). Back to the previous page (About page), select Developer options to enter
3). Select Set USB Port Type to enter under Debugging, set to Device (Only for USB adb) and restart the machine
4). Connect the USB cable to the USB port near the tf card socket
5). Enter adb debugging on the windows command line, run adb devices, you can see the connected devices D:\adb1.0.32\adb>adb devices
List of devices attached
G5X24C200100001 device
6). Execute adb shell, you can enter the platform debugging, indicating that the usb adb function test is OK
D:\adb1.0.32\adb>adb shell

3. How to change the background image of Launcher:
1). Use the U disk to create a folder WINSAT_CUSTOM in the root directory;
2). Put the background of the picture you want to change in WINSAT_CUSTOM. You can put multiple pictures. The recommended picture size is 1920x1080 or a picture with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The picture format is recommended to be jpg, png or bmp;
3). Insert the U disk into the box, and after the U disk is recognized, press the blue button on the remote control on the Launcher homepage, a picture selection box will pop up, and then you can select a picture to replace the Launcher background; if you want to restore the original background Just select default.

4. The method of changing the associated application of the tab:
1). First select the tab to be replaced in the main interface,
2). Press the red button on the remote control to enter the apk selection interface
3). After selecting an apk and pressing confirm, this apk will be used as the application associated with the current tab (currently supports the replacement of the first, third, and fourth tabs)
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