New members is faulty 5 Sept 2023

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New members is faulty 5 Sept 2023

Post by Feralkiwi »

The forum is making new users user name their email address and is not letting them complete sign up.

I can not access these new accounts as the forum says there is no user by that name.

Not all new users have this happen.

I have reported this to GT Media.
I hope they will fix it.


Forum Email is working again 26 Aug 2023

The forum email is working again as at about Saturday 26 GMT 02:00.

The Forum Email is not working.
Down from Saturday 19 August 01:00 GMT

This looks like a fault or stop caused by a .ru bot attack.
This means that new accounts will not send out the needed response to activate the new account.

I will manually activate accounts as I see them.
Please use the User Name / Password you set.

I hope GT Media can restore the email service.


I have placed a one day ban on all IP addresses starting with 176.59.*.* to stop further Bot accounts being opened from those IP's.

It looks like the issue was Gmail banning the forums email for one week because of the Ru bot accounts and their confirmation emails.
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