Satellite-Free to Air Abbreviations Guide

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Satellite-Free to Air Abbreviations Guide

Post by cpr43 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:32 am

Here is a list I C/P from friend Casey with most of the Satellite-Free to Air Abbreviations Guide:

Satellite-Free to Air Abbreviations Guide

BER=Bit Error Rate.

BEV=Bell Express Vu (Canada).

BIN=A file in a BINary format suitable for flashing a Satellite Receiver: AKA .PGM, .IRD.


Blind scan=Fta Receivers designed to detect any active transponders and any channels on those transponders

without needing to be pre-programmed with the transponder information for each satellite.

BISS=Basic Interoperable Scrambling System.

BUD= Big Ugly Dish, a C/Band dish reflector (4/12 foot dish - 5 Ghz).

C/band=Is a portions of the electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave range use the band of

frequencies ranging from 3.7 to 4.2 GHz.

Charlie =Charlie Ergen. DISH Network CEO. Also known as Dish Network or pizza.

Circular (signal, Satellite, LNB)=Type of signal that the satellite sends out, Received with Circular LNB.

Clarke Belt=The name given in honor of Arthur C. Clarke, to the orbit 22,300 miles directly above

the equator where satellites orbit the same direction and speed the earth is turning, and can

maintain the satellite in a stationary position in relation to the earth. Also called geostationary orbit.

Clone=Counterfeit copy of a receiver, looks identical, BUT Electricly/Electronicly different,

the original manufactures factory software (.bin) doesn't work on the clone.

Cloning=Copying one receivers program to another identical manufacture and model receiver,

using data cable or USB Memory drive.

Closed=Encrypted channel or Scramble.

Data Cable=The cable used to interface the computer to the receiver, 2 versions commonly used,

see Null cable and Straight cable.

Data Stream =Satellite Transponders transmit the entertainment (Radio/TV) Data Streams , each

stream carry many TV/Radio channels, the stream passes through the LNB, and the receivers

receive and decode the data stream.

DAVE=Digital Audio Video Entertainment. Also known as Direct TV.

DBS=Digital Broadcast Satellite.

Direction=Also called Azimuth, Satellite Dish Direction rotation right and Left.

DiseqC=Digital Satellite Equipment Control, (short for diseqc switch) A universal LNB switch

that canadd 3 additional satellites (4 total) to receiver.

DISH Network=Digital Information Sky Highway Network.

Dish Antenna=parabolic reflector that collects satellite signals. C-Band reflectors range in size from

4-16 feet in diameter; KU-Band reflectors range from 18 inches to 6 feet.

DN=Abbreviation for Dish Network.

Dish Pro=(DP) A CIRCULAR LNB and Switch system used by some providers that utilizes band stacking.

DP=Abbreviation for Dish Pro.

DSS=Digital Satellite System. Video standard used by Direct TV.

DVB=Digital Video Broadcast. Video standard used by Dish Network, Bell ExpressVu, PowerVu, and

MPEG2 free-to-air.

Elevation=The Up/Down positioning of the satellite dish.

Encrypted=Digital Video and/or Audio have been encoded and require special keys or processes to

make it visible.

EPG=Electronic Program Guide

F Connector=the screw on cable connectors used in satellite.

FEC=Foward Error Correction.

Feed horn=A feed horn is a small horn antenna used to convey radio waves between the transmitter

and/or receiver and the reflector, particularly in parabolic antennas system. The feedhorn also selects

the polarization. also see "polarization" Abbreviations below.

Firmware=Software in the Flash Memory that allows the receiver to run, can be changed by the user

via the .BIN.

FLASHED=Software program that reads the .bin, and writes it to the receivers flash memory, through

a computer and written via a data cable or Flash drive.

FTA=Free To Air, Non-encrypted channel (digital signal).

GHz=Abbreviation for Gigahertz.

Hard Boot=Removing the power from the receiver, waiting 20 seconds and powering up.

IR=Infrared (the light signal used between the receiver and the remote control).

IRD=Integrated Receiver Decoder AKA: Receiver, AKA: STB (Set Top Box).

IRD File=A file extension used for a receiver manufactures decoding program, AKA .bin file.

ITC=In the Clear.

Ku-Band=Is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave range of frequencies

from 11.7 to 12.7GHz.

Latitude=A region of the earth considered in relation to its distance from the equator.

Legacy=A common CIRCULAR LNB and Switch system that is used by some providers, uses

control voltages to change circular polarity.

Linear (signal, Satellite, LNB)=Type of signal that the satellite sends out, Received with Linear LNB, must be skewed.

LNB = Low Noise Block-down-converter, System device used to amplify and convert satellite signals into frequencies sent to the tuner. (the item on the dish that has the white hockey puck nose).

LNBF = Low Noise Block-down-converter + Feedhorn

Longitude=Distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian at 0°.

L.O. Frequency=Local Oscillator Frequency (C-Band = 5150)-(Ku Linear = 10750, Ku Circular = 11250)


MHz=Abbreviation for MegaHertz.

MPEG 2/4=Moving Picture Experts Group 2/4 A system for compression of digital data. see

Wikipedia for details.

MUX=A group of channels on same frequency. MUX stands for Multiplexed.

Night Rider Lights=A receivers display that displays a moving dash that moves left to right,

then right to left and repeats continously.

Null cable=Serial cable used for loading softwate from computer to STB, wired NOT directy through.

OCS=One Cable Solution A providers designation for the DP LNB system, see "Band Stacking".

Open=ITC=In The Clear or Free To Air.

Orbital Position=The place in the Sky over the equator ,(AKA Clarke belt) that the satellite is located,

that is rotating at the same speed the Earth is turning, designation IE 82W, 110W.

PID=Packet Identifier the label attached to different data streams in a DVB system.

PGM File=PGM A file extension used for a manufactures receiver decoding program, AKA .bin file.

Polarization=The physical orientation of the waveform transmitted from the satellite. R/L are right

and left 'circular' rotation similar to a corkscrew. H/V are horizontal/vertical similar to a fishing

line cast either overhand or sidearm.

Polarotor=A polarity-selection device with "skew" adjustment. also see "polarization" Abbreviations above.

Post=A addition to a Thread, can be used answer a question in the Thread, the post should be on the

same subject matter as the Thread, if post is another subject, the thread is considered to be Hijacked

and against the rules. See "Thread" below.

PVR Receiver=Programable Video Recorder, Product that tracks viewing habits, records programs and has

other interactive features such as pause and rewind.

QPSK (Quaternary Phase Shift Keying)=a digital modulation scheme used in transmission communications

that allows increased sending capacity, usually High Definition vidio associated.

Quality (signal)=The quanity of satellite signal that thas been decoded sucessfully indicated by the


RG-59=higher loss cable, should NOT be used for FTA Dish signals.

RG-6=Cable used for FTA Dish signals in satellite

RF=Radio Frequency

Satellite Antenna Dish=A parabolic reflector that collects satellite signals. C-Band reflectors range in

size from 4-12 feet in diameter; K-Band reflector range from 18 inches to 6 feet.

SID=Station IDentification, used by the providers to number their TV channels. Most FTA receivers

have a "SID" sort menu option that will put the channels in "SID" order, however it must be set to

"Y" or "ON".

Scrambled=Analog or Digital video that has been manipulated so that it is not intelligible.

Skins`s=The receivers Graphical User Interface "look", The "look" of the menu(s) and user interface.

Skew=Rotation Clockwise or counter Clockwise of the LNB or DISH reflector.

Spot Beam=Satellite signal that is contained to a geographical area by a satellite transponder.

Symbol Rate=the speed of the Transponders(TP's) data stream and is rated as "Symbol Rate" (SR) per second.

STB=Set Top Box

Strength (signal)=the power of the satellite signal that is being captured by the antenna, and

displayed by the receiver.

Straight Cable=Serial cable used for loading softwate from computer to STB, wired directy through.


S.U.N.S=Secure Updating Network System.

SW21=A Dish reflector switch that is activated by a 22kHz tone.

Symbol Rate (SR)=Size of the digital package transmission.

Telefonica=is a South American provider on sat 61w

Thread=A Question, Statement, or Information that is in a internets site forum, a "new" thread can

be started by a sites member, and may be added to with a "Post" by other members. New questions

are asked with threads, and answered with posts. See Post above.


Transponder=Satellite transmitter(s), send out different frequencys for different channels. A satellite

component that receives and retransmits a TV signal or perhaps many narrower-band data or audio


USALS=Universal Satellites Automatic Location System.

USALS=A satellite dish motor protocol that automatically creates a list of available satellite positions

in a motorised satellite dish setup.

USB Data Drive=Thumb/Jump/Memory/Stick Flash Drive, used to transfer programs from computer

to USB equiped receivers or used to record video/audio programs by PVR satellite receivers.

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