v7s2x扫88Ku 11G频道名称不正确


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v7s2x扫88Ku 11G频道名称不正确

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v7 s2x,手动输入88Ku 11G两个转发器的PLS码,扫出来的频道名称不正确,有的为空,请问如何解决?

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Re: v7s2x扫88Ku 11G频道名称不正确

Post by Feralkiwi »

If the channel names scanned in as like CH-0023, CH-0024, this is due to weak signal.
If the unit can not see the data fully it will use the channels SID number as a channel name.
Check you have a good connection and dish aligned correctly.
Also if you used "Auto" scan, try Blind as the LNB frequency may be a few MHz off, as LNB's do as they get old.

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