V8 NOVA橙色版如何修改PID?


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V8 NOVA橙色版如何修改PID?

Post by snowfox »

向大家请教,V8 NOVA橙色版如何修改PID码?

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Re: V8 NOVA橙色版如何修改PID?

Post by CAJE »

You can change it with the DBEditor, but if you modify it and put an incorrect one you will not see any image

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Re: V8 NOVA橙色版如何修改PID?

Post by Feralkiwi »

If you want to change the audio or video PID you need to also change the SID to one that is NOT on that TP or the auto refresh will restore the original PID's.
As CAJE said you do this on the PC based channel editor.

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