GTplayer common version V1.28(28/11/2018)

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GTplayer common version V1.28(28/11/2018)

Post by Rambo » Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:18 am

GTplayer common version released
GTplayer common version V1.28(28/11/2018)
1. Implement support for stalker IPTV;
2. Reinforce the application;
3, support aac format, solve the problem of no sound in the program;
4. Use leanback to optimize the addition and editing of account interfaces and functions;
5, achieve xtream, stalker breakpoint loading function, greatly improve the efficiency of downloading programs;
6, using the program loaded from the database to save memory usage;
7, using the database "transaction" batch to optimize database deletion, insertion, greatly improve the efficiency of database operations;
8, vod program to increase pause / play, drag control to play;
9, multi-language translation;
10. Add a “Settings” interface to increase the soft and hard solution switching;
11, automatically add the xtream url account when the user name, password and other information;
12, using rxjava, okhttp to optimize network operations;
13. Optimize the function of loading the program list to solve the problem of switching program crashes;
14. Set the minimum version number to 19 and support the lowest version of 4.4 or higher.
15. Obtain data to add network status monitoring;
16. Add an automatic retry mechanism when acquiring a program;
17, adapt to millet TV;
18. Locate the currently playing program when entering from the small window of g1 and g3;

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