GTMedia V9Prime Mars Firmware (07/09/2023)

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GTMedia V9Prime Mars Firmware (07/09/2023)

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1. Mars software does not support USB upgraded old UI software
2. Before the old software upgrade Mars, back up the database and data
3. Mars does not support old software channel lists
4. List of SDX program supported by Mars
5. If the HD program has no sound, please try to modify Settings->System Settings->Digital Audio->RAW

V9Prime upgrade Mars:
1.To upgrade the V9Prime mars firmware from the original V9Prime firmware, you need to copy the backdoor.key and V9Prime mars firmware files to the usb root directory.
2.then enter the "upgrade by usb" menu, select the upgrade mode as 'All code', do upgrade.
Change log:
1. Add Edit Pid function in Edit channel;
2. fix the password 5689 issue
3. Fix the crash issue.
4. Fix the other issues.
GTMedia V9 Prime
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Change log:
1. Optimize the search for low symbol rate channel
2. Optimize the biss auto function
3. Optimize ip audio function
4. Solve the playback problem of some patch channel (58W powerVu, 99W Tanberg, Nagravision etc)
5. Solve the subtitle problem of 16E Total TV
6. Solve the problem of TP and channel search sorting
7. Solve the playback problem of Xstream/Stalker
8. Channellist and Infobar add display information
9. Solve hot keys function under YouTube menu
10. Add DMR, DMP function
11. GTVOD update
(1) Add GT5 Flex (original GTVOD, Movie)
(2) Add MyLink (user-defined M3U channel list function)
GTMedia V9 Prime
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