2020 New product GT MEDIA V8X

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2020 New Product GTMEDIA_V8X

Post by Lining »

2020 New Product GTMEDIA_V8X
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-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
Test users must adhere to the following terms:
1. Must register for forum for more than one year
2. Must have active users in the forum, with more than 100 posts
3. Must have DVB-S2 test signal
4. The product must be fully tested
5. Test report must be provided to GTMEDIA
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
Review method:
1. Provide DVB-S2 test signal and send pictures
2. After passing the review, we will notify you
3. After approval, provide your contact information and shipping address
4. After passing the audit, you will get V8X product testing rights
5. You will get 1 free GT Media V8X product.
GTMEDIA V8X Purchase link:

Testers list:
Administrator cpr43
Administrator iq180
Administrator juan_vale
Administrator Eak_Dumnern
Administrator vaxi
Administrator Feralkiwi
User Xsat
User Tasss
User Whitesnake
User Satman43
User machteck
User RGG1
User aeg1111
User latinocolom
User Slawek
User Delirium
User 007jb
User Munyaga
User machtck
User kolithawic
User Pionex2020
User arcanet
User matesaak
User ZOO
User Blank
User moldar
User Mohit
User msilver511
User JSat
User NerveGas
User Zelalem
User Cornhusker
User przeeemek1
User Vlad
User james007

The above testers, purchase on the GT MEDIA V8X purchase link above and add to the shopping cart, email me the order number, note the country, mailbox name, I will notify the store staff to process!
GTMEDIA V8X Purchase link:https://www.freesat.cc
FREESAT brand change GT MEDlA

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2020 New product GT MEDIA V8X

Post by GTMEDIA-Direct »

Hello, everyone, here is the GTMEDIA-Direct, and we feel so grateful your support to our newly launched product-V8X. Now we have sent the V8X samples out to the first batch 30 reviewers, and we sincerely hope you guys can give the honest comments to us when you using the item.
As the COVID-19, all the package will be delayed, so please be more patient.
The tester name list is as following:
1. Tasss
2. aeg1111
3. Slawek
4. Delirium
5. Pionex2020
6. matesaak
7. Zelalem
8. Vlad
9. JSat
10. 007jb
11. RGG1
12. Satman43
13. Mohit
14. Blank
15. NerveGas
16. vaxi
17. Munyaga
18. Eak_Dumnern
19. juan_vale
20. Feralkiwi
21. Xsat
22. cpr43
23. latinocolom
24. machteck
25. arcanet
26. przeeemek1
27. iq180
28. james brooks
30. Benny

Also, welcome to visit our new Shopping Mall-https://freesat.cc/

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2020 New product GT MEDIA V8X

Post by Kmi »

For my knowledge I like to know this box has DDR2 or DDR3? The gtmedia v8x box I got it says DDR2 1GB? Please clarify. Thanks. :|

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Re: 2020 New product GT MEDIA V8X

Post by Yoshincha »

Hello everyone!, I'm new user in GTMedia, but old user in TV boxes. I write from Sur America, and I'm using old box since 2013, I have now the 61w, 70w and 81w with diseqc, and all work fine, but I'm looking for a new boxes with acm, and H265, and I see this V8x how a nice election. I saw the V8 UHD too, I hope see some more reviews about V8x.

Thanks ;)

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