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gtmedia v8 nova

Post by jose453 »

Hola a todos, soy nuevo por aqui y quiero exponer mi problema.
Acabo de hacerme de un gt media v8 nova , al conectarlo se pone led verde empieza a iniciarse y cuando llega a L35 se queda ahí y se pone led rojo, me podiais decir como poder recuperarlo?.que necesito? gracias :oops: :oops:

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Re: gtmedia v8 nova

Post by Captain Ron »

From what I understand if it stops on an L code then its locking up during bootup.

What I would try is to disconnect the Coax and anything else connected like a (USB pen-drive, etc) and then try to boot it and with power only see if it will go all the way to showing green light and 0XXX on the front panel.

See what happens and post back with more information !

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Re: gtmedia v8 nova

Post by Feralkiwi »

If that does not work you may need to do a flash.bin recovery.

flash.bin recovery is done like this.

Place a copy of the unpacked software (the .bin file) on a USB stick and rename it "flash.bin"
With the USB in the unit, power on while repeat pressing "Menu" on the remote. You must use the V7 remote on the V7.
The unit should reload the software.

Also other users say that you must use a USB stick, not a card holder etc and that stick must be 32Gb or under.
Use the rear USB port on units that have two ports.

I have had units that will not recover.
Try using the same software as was in the unit when it crashed, not the new update software.
You must use the correct software, ie that for the V7HD for the V7HD etc, not software for any other freesat units.

Try even older software as the file for flash.bin.

Look at the LED in the USB stick. When the TV shows the message "USB Upgrade, do not turn off" you should see the LED on the USB flash as the file is loaded.
The USB LED should also flash a few times as the unit first powers on and looks at it.
Also users have said to use the rear USB port for this on V8 units.

Good luck

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