V8UHD PVR time shift function

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V8UHD PVR time shift function

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V8UHD PVR function:

1. Insert a USB flash drive and press the red dot button on the remote control for PVR recording
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V8UHD time shift function:
1.System Setuop-----PVR Setting----Turn on Timeshift---ON
2. Insert the U disk, press the play pause button to perform the time shift function, press the left and right buttons to fast forward and rewind function
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Re: V8UHD PVR time shift function

Post by Feralkiwi »

Yes the left and right buttons do move you back and forward in the time shift window.
The movement of time for each press of left or right is always ten percent of the recorded time.
This means if you have recorded for ten minutes each press of left takes you back 60 seconds.

The left and right buttons ignore the setting in PVR / Jump, that you can set for 30sec, 1Min etc.

The fast forward and rewind buttons on older remotes work in the time shift window.

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Re: V8UHD PVR time shift function

Post by anwarsha »

Does the PVR function works with external hard disk say 1 TB?

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