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Please discuss the softcam feature ,share the softcam key...

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Re: All About Keys

Post by Ivyman »

I just ordered one of these. GTMEDIA V8X FTA Satellite Receiver DVB-S2/S2X Wifi H.265 4K HD 1080P PVR. Does it come with any of the softcam keys installed? I would appreciate an updated list of the N. American softcam keys. Thanks.

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Re: All About Keys

Post by Feralkiwi »

The units have the EMM keys for powervu in them.

It should find the keys for those channels that still roll. Powervu+ does not roll.

BISS you need the net connected for biss roll. BISS 2 does not roll.

All other encryption types need a CCam account or a PayTV card.
GT Media units do not come with ccam.

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