Latest GTMEDIA D1 Firmware BUG!


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Latest GTMEDIA D1 Firmware BUG!

Post by martijnsx »


I installed the latest D1 firmware (25/06/2019).

There is something wrong with the screen. When you select a DAB+ channel the channel logo appears. Then message/text that is broadcasted by the channel scrolls through the screen and through the channel logo. Making the channel logo dissappear. The upper part of the logo (some pixels stay on screen).

This happens because the scrolling text is on the same hight as the channel logo. I think the scrolling tekst has to be on the bottom of the display.

See my YouTube video.

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Could you please fix this. Now we can't see channel logo anymore.


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Re: Latest GTMEDIA D1 Firmware BUG!

Post by Thicassiong »

I was working on (no live links RULE #18) when my screen suddenly went blank. I had installed D1 Firmware a couple of days ago. I had to reset my device completely and I lost my data. If I had found this post earlier a lot of my time would have been saved. Still thanks a lot for sharing the information. If I receive further tech difficulties I'll be sure to contact you.

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