GtPlayer38 version released!

Supported Xtream and Stalker protocol.
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GtPlayer38 version released!

Post by yhaojun »

Hello, all friends:
Thank you in advance for your support and feedback.
The Gtplayer 38 version had already release, you can upgrade it on Google Play or reopen GtPlayer.
This version changed a lot, such as live UI、main page、server list and so on.
  • Redesign live functions, mainly include:
    • Hide categories by default, remove EPG list
    • Added support for color buttons (red favorites, green for menu, yellow for program information, blue for EPG)
    • Optimized the number key and RECALL key switching channel
    • The MENU button pops up the settings. The setting items include favorites, EPG, video ratio switching, and software / hardware switching.
    • Category list added ALL and Favorite categories
    • After entering the live, the last channel will be played by default
  • Replace GtPlayer's Logo and background;
  • Redesigned homepage, including 6 modules of live broadcast, movie, TV series, parental talk, settings, and account list;
  • Remove the SN number and system version number in the application settings and make the set MAC display more obvious;
  • Remove the two settings of "default to live player" and "soft and hard decoder switching" in the settings;
  • After launching the application, if there is an iptv account and live channels is not empty, enter the live directly;
  • Redesigned server list, mainly include:
    • Background set to black
    • The color buttons are updated and redefined (red is connected, green is added account, yellow is imported account, blue is refreshed program)
    • The account type is displayed in front of the account name (X means Xtream server, S means Stalker server)
    • Hidden server domain name or host name for account, more confidential
  • Redesigned add account function, the main changes are:
    • Adding an account is displayed in the form of a dialog box, the operation is more convenient;
    • Add Stalker account according to MAC address by default;
    • When adding XTREAM URL type account, it will automatically resolve the server domain name, port number, user name and password in Url;
    • Server address verification will be performed when adding XTREAM account (the protocol must be HTTP or HTTPS)
    • Remove the function of entering the port number separately when adding an XTREAM account, and enter the port number and domain name together. The input format is: Protocol: // hostname: port /
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The download url is: ... 191206.apk

If you like GtPlayer, please give us five stars on google play. Thank you!

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Re: GtPlayer38 version released!

Post by PaulValero »

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Re: GtPlayer38 version released!

Post by rufus33 »

Download link is broken

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