Updating IPTV list causes client ban


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Updating IPTV list causes client ban

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With a iFire-II with the latest firmware, when updating the IPTV list from a Xtream server, right after the update procedure ends, the device throws a "Login Server Error [-1]", and that is because the server becomes unresponsive (bans me for around 15 minutes).

Why is this happening? Well, obviously the iFire-II is doing some kind of aggresive list updating/checking (too many concurrent connections when trying to check "Live" channels?) and that triggers some kind of anti-flood protection on the Xtream server, which responds banning the client's IP for a few minutes.

I have tested this on a various server and it happens almost the same: after updating, the server refuses connections (= temporary ban).

GTMedia Team must rewrite the updating algorithm, or otherwise, this receiver is almost useless for using on most of IPTV servers. As simple as that.

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Re: Updating IPTV list causes client ban

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thank you very much for your feedback.
we will check this flow.
and if you can ,please also PM us a xtream account to us for testing.

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Re: Updating IPTV list causes client ban

Post by blasta »

I have the same problem i got a ban of 2hours

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