Questions regarding V8 Finder


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Questions regarding V8 Finder

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I need a new satellite finder for my home and found the GTMEDIA Finder V8 (it has a golden front, so it's likely the V-73-HD).
Since I'm confused about some features and can't find answers in the manual, I would appreciate your help...

1. It seems that since firmware 20210609 the Info screen shows a SNR:
Is the shown SNR reliable? Or in other it just a static calculation from a supposed background noise level (e.g. -96 dBm), or does it incorporate real interfering background signals which can lower the SNR while still having the same transponder signal strength?
Since I don't speak...Portuguese???...Why is there a 4 digit number with no decimal point? Is it an inofficial update or a preview? The new version is not mentioned in the firmware topic (viewtopic.php?f=71&t=12164).

2. After reading some topics I guess the Finder supports unicable, but which standards(e.g. EN 50494, EN 50607)?

3. Is the power level in dBµV still shown? The picture in this post may not refer to the info button:
I would need this for switching my old cabling without imprints to unicable, so it would be nice to just measure the attenuations for choosing suitable unicable antenna sockets.

4. The topic for new products...
...mentions a V8 Finder 2, but I can't find suppliers in my area. So lets say I don't need fast charging and higher battery capacity...should I still buy the old version with the golden front? This question may be hard to answer, but I just want to avoid buying a device which may be unusable in a year or so, because I overlooked an important feature. I wonder if e.g. APSK64 could be a game changer for measuring satellite TV on Astra within the next years.

Many thanks in advance for reading all my questions.


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