GTMedia V8Finder 2 and LNB


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GTMedia V8Finder 2 and LNB

Post by Talkhadov »

GTMedia V8Finder 2, GTMedia V8Finder 2 does not work well with some models lnb signal disappears. AB, Multifeed Megasat etc.
Pro is no version, I don’t know how compatibility is there.
I tested for a long time, checked the diseqc, changed the wires, etc. And I came to the conclusion that the problem is with some universal models lnb.
On the forum, it’s not worth waiting for the problem to be fixed, here they always have everything fine on their part.
In addition to cosmetic edits, nothing is fixed in each new firmware.

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Re: GTMedia V8Finder 2 and LNB

Post by Feralkiwi »

Is the issue with the lower band of universal LNB's?

I have seen issues with early model hardware versions of finders due to the power supply for the LNB switching at 22kHz and making the universal LNB switch to the upper band.

If you have a tone type finder that you can add to the LNB cable you would be able to see if this is the issue as the tone type finder will show 22kHz "ON".

The early hardware finder 2 (green) had a 3.7v battery that I think is too small for the unit's power needs at peak LNB current use, like LNB power on moments.
Later finder 2 (grey) had the 7.2v battery.

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