New Update issues


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New Update issues

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First of all am yet to see the new update solve the auto-roll biss key issue but these are some few omissions i think our able technicians left out.

1. The "multi satellite search" feature was not included in the new update and its very annoying and tiresome to be scanning individual satellite after satellite.

2. DVB-T channels no longer appear when the "SAT" button is pressed. This make it difficult when searching for the terrestrial channels considering the over 1621 channels occupied by the inbuilt Astra channel list.

3. Also with the auto roll biss key issue, the biss keys are not saved anywhere on the several key options on the decoder which is a bad thing because anytime the decoder reboots, the whole process will be required again to auto roll even though the biss keys never changed.
Other auto roll decoders does that effortlessly.

4. I will be glad if you guys will add auto update feature so i don't need to blind scan a whole satellite for new channel. I will also be glad if you add more iptv accounts on the African Continent.
The inbuilt cccam doesn't favor buyers in Africa and i will be glad if you target satellite in Africa to provide cccam lines for.

All in all, i think you guys are doing a good job and the decoders will be more powerful when some few of our suggestions are attended to.

Thank you .

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Re: New Update issues

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we will check and update new firmware

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