Newbie Question on Setup - please be nice :)


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Newbie Question on Setup - please be nice :)

Post by overbey »

A little summary - I only purchased the V8 Finder 2 for one purpose. To align my camping Dish EA DP-Plus lnb (61.5 and 72) and maintain my homes install as i dislike the onboard signal meters on the wallys and i just wanted a simple hand held unit to show what sat i was hitting when I found the correct one. Yes i know there are inline cheap meters but they dont identify the bird and you have no clue what your hitting.

My question is - Can someone please step me thru how to setup the satellites I need on this meter? I see that preset 202 is the 61.5 but what and how does one add the 72? I know nothing about frequencies. I am just trying to dumb down this meter for a specific purpose only.

I hope what i am asking makes sense?

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Re: Newbie Question on Setup - please be nice :)

Post by Feralkiwi »

There is the "ADD" function in the satellite list.
Check along the bottom for the color button allocations.
There you add and set the longitude, LNB Frequency, etc to match your dish for that satellite.
After that if you have a dish that you know is on that satellite, do a blind can of that satellite to load the TP's and channels.
If you do not have a set up dish to blind scan, check sites like lyngsat dot com for that satellite and find a TP frequency you know is one you will see and is a strong one.
You can manually add that TP frequency and SR to the new satellite you added, and then use that as you move your dish.
As you said you had a tone / in cable/ finder, use that to find a satellite and then blind scan in that satellite to see what channels are there. You can then see what satellite you are on and move west or east as needed. You can set up a test satellite and delete it after a scan so you do not have channels on wrong satellite in the meter.

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